Do you love working with data? Do you love working in unstructured environment of a startup? Do you want to create products and own them? Do you want to build India's largest interactive data platform?

Who are we:

In one word, we are a data company. Data defines us. Our world revolves around it. It is our raw material as well as our final product. It is what clients pay us for – in one way or the other. But at the core, we are a group of high-agency, high-powered, self-directed, enthusiastic people who also double up as sports fans, fitness enthusiasts, gaming addicts, foodies and everything else in between. We want to transform the data business. We want to make a difference to everyone who uses data. The opportunity exists. And it is very large. Together, we will figure things out along the way.

What are we looking for:

Your technical skills obvious matter a lot. When you send your CV to us, we will carefully consider your academic performance and technical knowledge. But more than this, we are looking for people with the right attitude and temperament. Specifically, we are looking for people who:

Are passionate about data

Love to work in unstructured environments

Have a problem solving attitude

Are always eager to learn

Can work with limited day to day supervision

take pride in the work they do

If you think you fit the bill, do send your CV to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you on an ASAP basis.

What do we offer:

Autonomy, lots of it. We believe in letting people carve their career paths, which is why we don’t micro-manage. So, you can hope to receive a lot of leadership but little management. With such ownership will come immense responsibility. But so will success.

Financial rewards commensurate with your contribution. We believe in compensating people basis their contribution and impact on the organisation. If you have made a disproportionate impact on the organisation’s performance in a year, expect disproportionate rewards.

For anyone who wants to grow, personally and professionally, and build lasting relationships we offer a great adventure. It is going to be one heck of a ride. But it will be fun. We will make it fun.